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Steven Universe - Pearl+Amethyst - DaD Comic by gyakuten-no-megami
Steven Universe - Pearl+Amethyst - DaD Comic
Pearl moved like a ghost sometimes, drifted about the Temple like someone else was guiding her. Sleepwalking seemed like the best description, but Gems didn't need sleep, and Pearl had never been one to indulge before the incident with Tektite. It was easy to tell when she was doing it, though; her clothes, her hair, sometimes everything about her would change to suit the dream she was lost in. 

Amethyst hated seeing her friend that way, hated how distant and lost she was when she came to. But she would follow her, made sure she stayed safe, and did her level best to be there for her when she came to. 


Oops Dream a Dream was on the brain at 3am and this happened. 

Reads right to left. 
Yuugiou - AU Malik - Determination by gyakuten-no-megami
Yuugiou - AU Malik - Determination
I've been listening to this on repeat:…

Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able,
Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table.
I can tell you're getting really sick of trying,
But I think you're just mad you keep dying.

You're not gonna win, we'll be here together,
Fighting in this judgement hall forever.

So this is definitely RPland Malik if he went back in time, sold his soul to the Lord of Nightmares, broke the memory tablet, and then fought Thief King/Zorc for eternity on L-sama's behest. Forever. 

...No it doesn't make sense it's just attractive.
Steven Universe - JasperxPearl - Date Night Folly by gyakuten-no-megami
Steven Universe - JasperxPearl - Date Night Folly

“Are you serious? You want to stay home? Jasper, we planned–” Pearl started, even as she had to step backwards against the much stronger Gem’s pushing.

For her part, Jasper’s face was flushed, frustration evident in her voice, but her push was as gentle as she ever made it. “I don’t care, you’re not going into town like this!” 

“It can’t possibly look that bad, I made sure–”

“No! You look too good!” Jasper’s entire face was aflame, “I’m not sharing you with those humans!”


In which nobody got to the movies that night.


gyakuten-no-megami's Profile Picture
Kiriban at 75k!
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Welp I'm updating this again for the first time in 500 years.

Revamps dat "About Me"!

I'm currently 27 and between jobs and haven't used my Devart in a long time. :iconmeeps: and I got married in June 2014, gasp! Shock!

Uh. Sometimes I draw things. A lot of it doesn't make it to Devart. I like drawing pretty girls and gay YGO fanart. And more recently, lots and lots of Steven Universe.

My icon is from :iconxkitsune-chanx:!

You can find me on a lot of other sites under different names, just ask! I'll try to respond in a timely manner. I'm kind of people-shy. I also do a lot of photography and make jewelry for BJDs sometimes.

I will hopefully be opening up for commissions soon!
Hey guys, I'm going to open up some quick commission slots--pencil or marker sketch ($5-8), marker half color ($7-10), inked ($10-15), or full color ($25-30)! Please comment or send me a note if you're interested. Here are some samples!

Additional characters and elements (like full backgrounds) cost the second price listed, but they all do start at the first. Sketches can include a little bit of color, and traditional media can be mailed for an additional fee (cost of mailer + postage)!

Steven Universe - Rupphire - Comfort by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Pearl+Steven - Field Trip by gyakuten-no-megami SU-Garnet-Swimsuit-15.June.2015 by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - JasperxPearl - Side With Me by gyakuten-no-megami

Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli - In the Darkness by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Garnet - 28.May.2015 by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli - Mermaid by gyakuten-no-megami 

Inked BW: 

Steven Universe - Sardonyx - Acrobatica by gyakuten-no-megami  Original-Noveau-Butterflyclip by gyakuten-no-megami YGO-MmmMahaad-16Aug10 by gyakuten-no-megami Inktober - Day 1 - Howlite by gyakuten-no-megami Commission - Hime Gyaru by gyakuten-no-megami

Marker/color pencil half color:

Steven Universe - Gemsona - Ulexite by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Gemsona - Watermelon Tourmaline by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Pearl - 28.September.2015 by gyakuten-no-megami

Full color: 

Steven Universe - Rupphire - First Sight by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - GarnetxPearl - 31.July.2015 by gyakuten-no-megami Steven Universe - Yellow Diamond - The Queen Comes by gyakuten-no-megamiOriginal - Marker Practice - 17.June.2015 by gyakuten-no-megami

DeaRe Stars - Receba - Copics 21Apr2012 by gyakuten-no-megami Original - Meri - Copics - 20Aug12 by gyakuten-no-megami DeaRe Stars - Meren - Copics 20Aug2012 by gyakuten-no-megami

All payments are accepted via Paypal! At the moment, no points please. :heart:

If you're up to it, too, please check out my Patreon! You can get some sweet deals there by supporting me monthly!
  • Listening to: [Vocaloid] Crystalline

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Awww, thank you! :heart: I really miss that pairing, I need to rewatch the series and draw some again. *__*
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Hope to see more of you!
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Thank you~!! :heart: Are you going to Fanime this year? We couldn't get a table again this year, but we'll be attending!
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